Alfa Kat – Shaya Lento Ft. John Bravo & Mustbedubz

Alfa Kat goes “Shaya Lento” in a new song featuring his associates John Bravo and Mustbedubz. Amapiano is the message here, and the songsters did great work with the number.

Still, we have a little quarrel with Alfa Kat. The amapiano musician last posted on Twitter in November 2021. And even on Instagram, where he is more active, he didn’t do much to promote the song in review. No artwork. Nothing.

Mzansi just got to know that there’s a “Shaya Lento” tune from his orbit with John Bravo and Mustbedubz as guests. If a musician doesn’t want to push himself out there, the fans can’t do much, however hard they try.

Anyway, you’re most likely than not to have a wonderful time with the song he has composed with his buddies. So go ahead and vibe with the number for all it’s worth, and if you’re on Instagram, tell the chap to do more on that platform to promote himself.

Alfa Kat – Shaya Lento Ft. John Bravo & Mustbedubz

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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