Alfa Kat & Tidosoul – Falling Ft. Leandra Vert

It’s that time again when you just want to pause and let good music take over your spirit. “Falling” has made that possible. This collaborative tune from Alfa Kat, Tidosoul and Leandra Vert has made that possible.

Y’all must forgive Alfa Kat for not having realized the vitality of sharing the cover art of a song long before, and even on the eve of, releasing it. And even though we’re somewhat annoyed by this omission, we feel a little compensated by the charms of “Falling.”

This track is one you’ll most likely fall in love easily with. It’s one of those numbers that infuses you with all the energy you could ever ask for to remain immune to boredom throughout the day.

In fact, you might count the song as something you can listen to for a long time without regrets. We can’t tell why the three friends elected to work together, but we can tell you for free that their coming together is well worth it.

It’s time to embrace good vibes only and be “Falling” in the musical world the troika has created. We’re in. you should be, too. It’s a place to be in, after all. No qualms.

Alfa Kat & Tidosoul – Falling Ft. Leandra Vert

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music

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