Alice Phoebe Lou Sings About “Witches”

Alice Phoebe Lou comes through with an amazing song titled “Witches”

The Berlin based, South African DIY singer did something obviously unique on this new song. Still basking on the success she got from her “Paper castles” album and the over 1000 concerts she had in the previous year, the artiste has decided to bless her listeners with the new song. The singer who is a free spirit did well on the arrangement of the song.

Listen to the song below;

Alice Phoebe Lou is a roaming, wander lust filled musician who spent her early years at a moment in a mountainside in South Africa. The urge she had to expand led her to travel around Europe and she finally ended up in Berlin where her career was launched into full motion. She has since her debut released a lot of thought provoking songs that have gone on tour round the world.

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