Alicia Keys Releases ‘Good Job’

Alicia Keys releases a brand new single titled ‘Good Job’

The Grammy Award-winning singer, Alicia Keys, has shared a new single titled ‘Good Job’ while she prepares for his release of her forthcoming album titled ‘Alicia.’

Do you need an uplifting single that will serve as a form of motivation? Well, Alicia’s new single is just for you.

The forthcoming, self-titled album of the American singer titled ‘Alicia’ will soon hit streaming services. To aid the promotion of her album’s release, Alicia Keys has released an uplifting song, ‘Good Job.’

Alicia Keys got inspiration from her mother who raised her as a single parent. This gave rise to the piano-laden ballad. However, as the singer observed the trying times we are currently experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the single became an ode to all those striving hard to combat the spread of the virus.

Alicia Keys reportedly said in a statement:

Whether you’re on the front lines at the hospitals, balancing work, family and homeschool teaching, delivering mail, packages or food, or facing other personal difficulties because of COVID-19, I feel you. You are seen, loved and deeply appreciated.

Listen to Alicia Keys’s ‘Good Job’ and let us know if you are eager to listen to all the tracks from her forthcoming album ‘Alicia.’

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