Almighty – Mighty Goda EP

It looks like someone is out to play a game of power. Yeah, that’s exactly what comes to mind seeing a musician going by the adopted stage name Almighty releasing a new body of work dubbed “Mighty Goda” EP.

What’s with the musician and might that he should not only adopt the stage name that he currently has but release a song that affirms the same? We may never know.

All the same, to his credit, he actually did put out a compilation worth hearing. “Mighty Goda” is a five-track project that features some critical voices in South Africa’s house and piano spaces, including Busta 929, Zwesh SA, Djy Vino and Xavi Yentin.

Almighty – Mighty Goda EP Tracklist

  1. Toro Ft. Djy Vino, Lolo SA & Xavi Yentin
  2. Okuhle Ft. Busta 929, Zwesh SA, Djy Vino & Xavi Yentin
  3. Rikitji Ft. Busta 929 & Lolo SA
  4. Sibonane Ft. Busta 929, Coolkiid, Zwesh SA, Lolo SA & Msamaria
  5. Ziyakhala Ft. Busta 929, Lolo SA & Wifey

“Mighty Goda” is a refreshing body of work that, although not the finest we have listened to this week, illuminates the soul. For a musician who’s rarely ever in the limelight, Almighty has just shown he’s a musician of great musical appeal. If you want a lit weekend, you should explore the project the champ has just released.

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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