Almighty – Toro Ft. Djy Vino, Lolo SA & Xavi Yentin

South African up-and-coming artist, Almighty, has unleashed a new song titled “Toro”, featuring a group of artists that include Vino, Lolo A, Xavi Yentin.

Besides being featured on Busta 929’s 2022 project, “Ezase Thupa Musical Series, Season 1”, Almighty has been making moves of his own, having worked with several other artists on the 2021 joint album, “Simandi, Vol. 24”, released last year. He had worked in closeness with ATK Musiq on the track, “Mighty Goda (Main Mix)”, which probably inspired the young artist for his own solo project, “The Mighty Goda” from which he now has a new jam on his hands, and seeing as other artists are willing to collaborate with him, they must spot quite a lot of potential.

We also think he has a bright future ahead of him, so you might want to go give “Toro” a listen today. The song has now been made available on streaming platforms.

Almighty – Toro Ft. Djy Vino, Lolo SA & Xavi Yentin

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