Amagoso Premieres Ziyakhonkotha Album

Amagoso pops a new titled “Ziyakhonkotha,” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

This body of work is Amagoso’s debut on here, but no regrets. It bears enough lyrical flames to make us want to adopt it as part of playlist for the weekend. We’re confident you’re going to love it, too.

“Ziyakhonkotha” bears thirteen (13) tracks in all and plays for exactly one hour and fifteen minutes. It features some of maskandi’s notable voices, including Jaiva Zimnike and Infez’emnyama. Others are Potso, Inkos’yamagcokama and Culture Spears.

The guests may not be many, but then one might say the compilation benefits immensely from having limited guests. Amagoso is in control and delivers the numbers sans guests splendidly. The same might be said of the numbers on which they featured guest.

“Ziyakhonkotha” is a work of potent maskandi energy that will delight lovers of the genre to no end. Even those unfamiliar with maskandi will find something delightful in at least one of the numbers in this compilation. You might want to find a place for it on your playlist this weekend.

Well, how would you rate Amagoso’s “Ziyakhonkotha” album? You might want to check out the project below.

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