Andile Andy & China Charmeleon – African Child EP

After the announcement comes the baby, right? Welcome to world of “African Child,” a collaborative project by South Africa’s Andile Andy and China Charmeleon.

Prior to the release of the EP, China Charmeleon had informed fans, via Instagram, of what was imminent. The announcement had provoked great euphoria among his fans.

The EP is here now and, looking back, one might say the two have not wasted the time of the public. The finished body of work was worth the wait. Is worth the wait. And we encourage you to check it out.

“African Child” is a project to vibe with if you value imagery in music and if you happen to have the African experience close to you heart. We count it one of the strongest partnerships we have witnessed this week.

Yeah, Andile Andy and China Charmeleon nailed this 4 tracks EP. You only have to listen to them to appreciate the power of their offering. Wouldn’t you rather begin your listening session right away? Come on!

How would you rate “African Child” by Andile Andy and China Charmeleon? You may want to stream the EP below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!


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