Argento Dust Presents: Kususa In Back Noise Music Classics, Volume 1

South African boy band Kususa begins the New Year with a 2-songs project titled “Back Noise Music Classics, Volume 1” which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music and entertainment blog.

Prior to the release of the song, the band had shared a teaser on Instagram, urging fans to preorder the number, a product of their Back Noise Music record label presented by Argento Dust. The group had also shared how excited they were about their first track of the year.

Their excitement about the project was shared by most of the fans who had listened to the teaser. Well, looking back, one cannot begrudge those fans their pleasure in the “Back Noise Music Classics.”

It is actually a fine tune project and one you wouldn’t mind having on your tracklist. So if you’re looking forward to an invigorating time musically, without all the drab bends, you might ant to immerse yourself in Kususa’s “Back Noise Music Classics” track.

For a first peoject this year, “Back Noise Music Classics” will easily snap the attention of the music-loving public and make them look out for more songs from the group.

How would you rate this song on a scale of zero to ten? You may want to share your thoughts below.

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