Artwork Sounds – The Gospel According To Artwork Sounds Album

South Africa’s deep house duo Artwork Sounds reemerges in our orbit with a memorable new collection titled “The Gospel According to Artwork Sounds” album, which you can stream here on UbeToo.

The compilation bears 12 tracks in all, beginning with “Lift Him Up” and ending with “That Name (Soulful Remix).” in between, there are “Speak,” “Hallelujah,” “Glory and Power,” and others.

The titles of the song hint at a gospel excursion, but you’re mistaken if you think the pair has taken a deep in the gospel ocean or that they are on some proselytising stunt. Far from it.

At any rate, they have managed to put together a done body of work, co-opting some of the key names in South Africa’s music orbit, including China Charmeleone, Brian Temba, Tim A Deep, Dearson, Musiq Monks and Oscar Mbo.

House and deep house music are flourishing in South Africa but currently lack the resonance of amapiano music. But Artwork Sounds has remained loyal to the genre. Their latest drip is as much an affirmation of that loyalty as it is of the duo’s creatine power. 

Well, if you should ask us, here is a compilation to ignite your weekend and beyond. Embrace it. 


NO Title Time
1 Lift Him Up (feat. Brian Temba) 6:34
2 Rain on Me (feat. Soulfreakah) 7:08
3 Woza Moya (feat. CocoSA & Russell Zuma) 6:47
4 Romans 8 – 28 (feat. Dearson) 6:17
5 That Name (feat. China Charmeleon) 7:21
6 Speak (feat. MusiQ Monks) 7:56
7 Halellujah (feat. Nastic Groove) 6:05
8 Honor, Glory & Power (feat. Deep Xcape) 8:12
9 In the Morning (feat. MusiQ Monks) 8:20
10 Hope (feat. SGVO & Oscar Mbo) 7:52
11 Broken Chains (feat. Tim A Deep) 8:12
12 That Name (feat. China Charmeleon) 7:21
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