At Last Supta Drops Haha Featuring Lady Zamar | Listen

The wait is over, and we can only say “Haha” with Supta and Lady Zamar, vibing with their latest collaborative tune. Come along, if you please.

It’s been a longish wait for this song, during which time Supta, a respectable DJ and producer, had shared clips of his studio session with the “Butterfly” songstress. And then he had asked fans to look forward to the song on Friday.

The song is here and we’re glad. Has the wait for the song been worth it? Well, we should say yes. True to its title, the song easily takes the listener through the bend of mirth. It is a song for a good time, and just about anyone will click with it.

On its own – as a title so to speak – “Haha” is intriguing. To listen to it is to see flowers sprout in your soul. Not bad. Supta and Lady Zamar make a fine team. We’re optimistic they have themselves recognized the musical chemistry synergy between them and are not going to rule out another collaborative tune in the coming months.

Wouldn’t you rather join us for a “Haha” break? You may stream the song below and let us know what you think.

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