Audiomarc – Inewza Intro Ft. Golden Black & Lanzeey

Audiomarc spills out his soul in a new jam titled “Inewza Intro,” featuring his associates Golden Black and Lanzeey.

The said song is not a solo drop but part of the songster’s recently released “Trap Addict” album, also available here on UbeToo. From listening to this song, you will most likely think the lead musician is a trap addict. But that’s by the way.

Songs come and go. But some songs not only grow on you; they stay with you. “Inewza Intro” is one such song. This work of understated power will keep you going even beyond the weekend.

While he might not be the artist’s snapping attention all over the place, Audiomarc has, with his latest release, shown he’s an artist worth having on a playlist.

“Inewza Intro” might not be the best from Audiomarc yet, but the warmth of this song will stay will just about anyone willing to spend time listening to the song.

It’s mere hours to the weekend, and we have no qualms saying “Inewza Intro” is one song you should be vibing with this weekend and beyond. It is that appealing if you should ask us. So let the music begin, people!

Audiomarc – Inewza Intro Ft. Golden Black & Lanzeey

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