Azana – Umaqondana Ft. Sino Msolo

South African artiste drops a new song titled “Umaqondana” in collaboration with Sino Msolo, her compatriot.

“Umaqondana” was released by Big City Records. The song has the potential to appeal to a mass audience, and we are confident it will.

The song treats a familiar theme: love and the loss of the same. It appears the song is meant for those who are yet to find love. There is hope, still, as should be clear from the lyrics, that love will come – perhaps in its own time. And when it does, the memories of past failures might no longer register in your consciousness.

Like in almost all songs of this nature, “Umaqondana” is sad in parts and happy in others. We are sure you are going to love every minute listening to it, in a relationship or not.

The guest artiste Sino Msolo recently released his album “Mamela.” It is clear from his contribution that he is not lyrically spent yet. Yeah, his voice yet bears the mellow charm of “Mamela.”

In love or out of it, “Umaqondana” will speak to your soul. We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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