Bas & Sha Sha – Testify

“Testify” – A Melodic Union of Bas and Sha Sha

In the eclectic and profound album “We Only Talk About Real Shit When We’re Fucked Up,” Bas collaborates with the talented Sha Sha in the track “Testify,” creating a harmonious blend of genres and styles. This collaboration stands out as a testament to Bas’s versatility as an artist and his ability to create music that transcends traditional boundaries.

“Testify” is a unique fusion of Bas’s introspective hip-hop style with Sha Sha’s soulful Amapiano influence, a genre that has taken the African music scene by storm. The track showcases Bas’s lyrical depth, complemented by Sha Sha’s melodic and captivating voice. The result is a song that resonates with a sense of authenticity and emotional depth.

The collaboration between Bas and Sha Sha is a highlight of the album, offering a refreshing break from conventional hip-hop beats. Sha Sha, known for her enchanting vocals and her significant impact on the Amapiano scene, brings a unique flavor to the track. Her contribution not only enriches the song but also introduces Bas’s audience to new sounds and rhythms.

Lyrically, “Testify” delves into themes of personal growth, resilience, and the journey towards self-discovery. The song’s narrative is a reflection of Bas’s journey as an artist and an individual, exploring the complexities of life and the music industry. Sha Sha’s vocals add an element of soulful introspection, making the track not just a musical piece but a story that many can relate to.

“Testify” is a standout track in an album filled with raw emotion and artistic exploration. It exemplifies Bas’s commitment to pushing the limits of his music and his willingness to experiment with different sounds and collaborations. As the album continues to garner attention, “Testify” is poised to become a favorite among fans, symbolizing the power of collaboration and the beauty of blending diverse musical worlds.



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