Bee Deejay – Metro FM CoolerBox Mix (13 February 2021)

Join us for a cool break as we vibe with Bee Deejay’s “Metro FM CoolerBox Mix (13 February 2021).”

This compilation features works from various artistes, including Rhass, RVKS, DJ 1D, Mshayi, Mr Thela, Bravo Le Roux, Fakelove, and Malumnator.

From the list of guest, it is clear gqom is the winner here. The genre is finely represented, leaving no one n doubt that amapiano might be buzzing but it has not buried this genre which originated in Durban’s townships.

Bee Deejay has hot in “Metro FM CoolerBox Mix (13 February 2021)” a body of work to be proud of. This project easily caters to the needs of fans of various genres. So it is actually something to check out, whatever your genre of devotion.

More than that, it creates no boring interludes. Song after song, you’re imbued with the creative energies of several musicians confident in their gifts and keen you should share with them their creative flares.

What do you think of Bee Deejay’s “Metro FM CoolerBox Mix (13 February 2021)” and how would you rate it on  a scale of zero to ten? You ma want to stream the compilation below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!


Bee Deejay – Metro FM CoolerBox Mix (13 February 2021) Tracklist:

1. Bee Deejay – Ndincede (feat. Rhass, Mshayi & Mr Thela)

2. Bee Deejay – Nantsi (feat. Rhass, RVKS & DJ 1D)

3. Bee Deejay – Thaxa (feat. Rhass, RVKS & DJ 1D)

4. Bee Deejay – Bolova (feat. Rhass, RVKS, Bravo Le Roux & DJ 1D)

5. Mr Jazziq – Picture Junk Park (feat. Fakelove)

6. De Mthuda & Ntokzin – uMsholozi (feat. MalumNator)

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