Bekezela – Amanxeba Othando Ft. Mduduzi Ncube

Bekezela erupts with “Amanxeba Othando,” a song for which he tapped the vocal resources of his associate Mduduzi Ncube.

The lead singer is from Bulawayo but has often been mistaken for  South African, thanks in part to the rapid spread of his music into the neighbouring country. So now Bekezela’s name is everywhere and for good too.

His latest offering, “Amanxeba Othando,” has that cool vibe that makes you want to nod along, eyes partially shut in a mesmeric daze. Now that’s one number to tell others about.

Electing to work with is a big win for the lead singer and of the song, too. For one, the guest artist and the lead singer flowed so well together. They are pretty good; it bears repeating.

You’re welcome, then, to embrace the lyrical goodness embedded in “Amanxeba Othando.” Let the music begin. Your soul should thank you for it.

Bekezela – Amanxeba Othando Ft.

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