Benjamin Dube – Legendary in His Presence (Live) Album

Benjamin Dube Unveils "Legendary in His Presence (Live)" Album

In a move that has excited gospel music enthusiasts, the renowned South African gospel artist, Benjamin Dube, has unveiled his latest album titled “Legendary in His Presence (Live)”. The album, which spans a duration of over 2 hours, features a collection of 20 soul-stirring tracks, showcasing Dube’s unparalleled vocal prowess and his deep-rooted passion for worship.

The album’s release was eagerly anticipated by fans and followers of Dube, especially after he hinted about it earlier this year. The long wait finally culminated in its release on Apple Music, where listeners can now immerse themselves in a divine musical journey that promises to uplift and inspire.

Several platforms have highlighted the album’s availability for streaming, emphasizing its rich content and the collaborations that add to its allure. Notably, the album also made its presence felt on other major streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer, further expanding its reach to global audiences.

In addition to the album’s digital release, Benjamin Dube took to Twitter earlier, announcing the album’s release and expressing his excitement about sharing this new body of work with his fans. The tweet indicated that fans had been looking forward to the “Legendary In His Presence” album since August/September 2023.

Furthermore, a report from City Press highlighted that Dube is set to record a live version of the album at the Sun City Superbowl, which will undoubtedly be a treat for those in attendance.

In summary, “Legendary in His Presence (Live)” stands as a testament to Benjamin Dube’s enduring legacy in the gospel music industry. As fans and music lovers delve into this new offering, it’s clear that Dube continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration through his music.

Legendary in His Presence (Live) Album

An Enthralling Live Worship Experience


No. Song Title Duration
1 Nkosi Sihlangene (Live) 2:56
2 I Need Thee (Live) 2:17
3 In Your Presence (Live) 3:09
4 Uyahalalela (Live) 7:24
5 Praise (Live) (feat. Mnqobi Nxumalo) 8:06
6 Good Enough (Live) 7:36
7 We Love You Jesus (Live) (feat. Musa Yenda) 8:55
8 We Love You Jesus (Reprise) [Live] 7:18
9 Renew My Strength (Live) 6:11
10 So Will I (Live) (feat. Tshepang Mphuthi & Benjamin III) 6:53
11 I’ll Rise Again (Live) 6:11
12 Ukubonga (Live) (feat. Xolly Mncwango) 8:41
13 Ukubonga (Reprise) [Live] 8:05
14 Indescribable (Live) (feat. Dube Brothers) 5:48
15 Phumula Mama (Live) (feat. Putuma Tiso) 6:35
16 Jesu Msindisi (Live) (feat. Brenda Mtambo) 10:34
17 Amazulu (Live) (feat. Zodwa Mahlangu) 4:45
18 Ebenezer (Live) (feat. Jonny Vilakazi) 5:24
19 Ongiholayo (Live) 3:56
20 Ketshepile Wena (Live) 5:31


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