Benjamin Dube Sings Elshadai Adonaih

Gospel minister Benjamin Dube croons “Elshadai Adonaih,” a song you can stream right here on UbeToo.

In the world of gospel music, Benjamin Dube is one voice you just cannot miss – one voice you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are alert for the things of Chris. The songster has a way of energizing the spirit with his songs.

He is at it again with “Elshadai Adonaih,” a number that instantly takes you into the world of the spirit, a world you should be chuffed to be in

One rates Benjamin Dube among the prolific gospel ministers in South Africa. He isn’t just prolific; he is one of the best out there – not just in the Rainbow Nation but across Africa.

The songster’s Elshadai song apparently has several variants. In other words, the song in review is not his only “Elshadai” song. But that’s by the way. “Elshadai Adonaih” brings to your ears the evidence of God’s power. We rate the song highly and recommend it to the body of Christ.

How would you rate Benjamin Dube’s “Elshadai Adonaih” song? You might want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

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