Bianca Naidoo Reveals The Riky Rick Song She Believes Tells This Generation’s Story

Riky Rick’s wife, Bianca Naidoo, reveals his song that she believes sums up this generation’s story.

It has been three months since the passing of SA Hip Hop star Riky Rick. His death shook the continent, and the fans have not stopped mourning him. In a recent chat with Art Of Superwoman, his widowed wife, Bianca Naidoo, revealed the song by him, which she believes sums up this generation’s story.

“I would say ‘Joy’ because his content and the magical message was, stay shining and keep smiling for the joy,” she said. She also stated that they both had the same ambition for creating a platform aimed at helping young people.

“We had a shared passion and vision around creating spaces, platforms, and opportunities for youth to shine. I will continue to work toward realizing this vision.” Riky Rick’s legacy holds strong, and Bianca is proud of all that he achieved while he was alive.

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