Bigstar Johnson – Sgubhu Sa Manyora

Bigstar Johnson returns with another interesting number. “Sgubhu Sa Manyora” features no guest artistes but the songster shows alone regardless.

Easily one of the recognizable faces in the world of South African music, Bigstar Johnson had vanished from the music scene briefly – or rather taken a brief break. He’s returned to the music scene with new truths but the same energy.

Since his return, his releases have been sporadic at best. Yet, with each drop, he leaves no room for doubt that he’s still his old charming musical self – a songster entertaining on many levels.

It’s all entertainment with his “Sgubhu Sa Manyora” track. Any keen follower of the songster will observe it bears a similar title to a work he had done with years ago.

Anyway, and as should be clear from listening to “Sgubhu Sa Manyora,” it is as engaging as anything Bigstar Johnson has released previously – whether as a solo act or in collaboration with industry buddies.

Y’all gotta pause a bit right now and let this ace warm up your souls with his fiery vocals. You should love every minute vibing with his latest drop. That’s one promise you can take to the bank.

Bigstar Johnson – Sgubhu Sa Manyora

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