BitterSoul – Sunny Days

“Sunny Days” are here courtesy of Mzansi musician BitterSoul. What’s in the there is just a title of a song he’s released – one of many.

Some songs have titles that are just aberrations when one listens to the lyrics. However, the same might not be said of “Sunny Days” by BitterSoul. The song’s title not only glitters, but the lyrics also empower the listener with some sunshine as well.

And oh, as you well know, the sun doesn’t discriminate. Here, if you please, not only do you get the promise of a good time, you get a good time. It is hard to listen to this number and not imagine it as a sun on your spirit.

Come on; there’s no room for the boring. Neither is there room for the soppy. It’s good vibes all the way – here served with ease. So embrace the “Sunny Days” and experience something as memorable as can be.

BitterSoul – Sunny Days

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