Black Coffee Drops Never Gonna Forget Feat. Elderbrook And Diplo

Black Coffee and his pals Elderbrook, Diplo are “Never Gonna Forget” – or so they make apparent in a new collaborative single.

“Never Gonna Forget” is one of the songs in Black Coffee’s intensely anticipated “Subconsciously” album – a body of work with several fine global voices on the guest list.

Black Coffee had released a teaser of the song and then followed it up with the complete tune. By his personal confession, he couldn’t resist giving fans the number as he prepares to release the album.

Fans are all for the “Never Gonna Forget” tune, fortunately. It’s a memorable number that’s best appreciated with a companion – or lover – if you please. The song is charming enough to draw just about any lover of good music into its orbit.

“Never Gonna Forget” has got robust house notes to it, and the guitar instrumental is something close to magic. Black Coffee pulled off a fine musical coup with popular DJs Diplo and Elderbrook (Alexander Kotz), a British singer and producer, and it’s hard not to applaud the result.

How would you rate “Never Gonna Forget” by Black Coffee, Diplo and Elderbrook? You’re welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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