Black Coffee – Home Brewed 003

Black Coffee continues with his home brewed virtual concert series which is aimed at getting funds for the Covid-19 relief funds.

The third virtual performance was held last Saturday April 18,2020. The concert saw the DJ play awesome mix and as usual got a lot of fans tuning to it from their homes.

The DJ and producer had earlier hosted two concerts online, which got a lot of views and donations amounting to more than R 200,000, which was donated into the Go fund me account opened by the Government for the purpose of eradicating and cushioning the negative effects of Coronavirus.

Now he is here with the recorded version of the home brewed 003 concert held last week Saturday.

Download the mix below;

Mp3 Download

Black Coffee also entertained the world at large last Saturday 18th of April 2020, as he got featured on the “Together at home” concert by Global Citizens and the World Health Organization.


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