Black Coffee – Mykonos Sunset Live Mix (Summer 2020)

Black Coffee releases "Mykonos Sunset Live Mix (Summer 2020"

Black Coffee releases “Mykonos Sunset Live Mix (Summer 2020)”.

Fans are going crazy for Mzansi DJ, Black Coffee. We all wish we could be him right now. The world renowned DJ isn’t only having the time of his life during the pandemic but also securing the bag at the same time.

Over a week ago, the Mzansi star shared a Live stream of a gig he was playing. This was in Mykonos, an island in Greece. It reminded a lot of fans how things were before the pandemic, and they wished they were him. Many hailed him for being the greatest of all time, while some applauded him for securing the bag.

He has now released the full mix from the Live set. It is titled “Mykonos Sunset Live Mix (Summer 2020)”. The “Lalala” seems to be back doing what he does best, so we are happy to see that. You might want to check this out.

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