Black Motion – Drums of Africa Ft. Xoli M

Black Motion is a band apparently still in motion, as should be evident from their “Drums of Africa” song which features Xoli M, a fellow South African.

This is no solo drop but part of a larger, more entertaining collection, “Talking to the Drums.” The projects will not get you talking to drums, of course, but it assures you of a dance break. Who doesn’t want a dance break?

Anyway, “Drums of Africa” might be counted among the most energizing numbers in the compilation the group recently released, and we see many peeps out there favoriting it. Not bad.

The guest artist on the song Xoli Ma also made appearances on other songs in the compilation mentioned earlier and did well in them all. The muso brings the same sterling energy to “Drums of Africa.”

What the song promises is what you actually get at the end of it – a good time, away from the drab and boring. So go ahead and get drunk on the “Drums of Africa.”

Would you rather play the “Drums of Africa” by Black Motion and Xoli M or you’d pass? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Black Motion – Drums of Africa Ft. Xoli M

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