Blaq Diamond – Impi Yothando

Blaq Diamond Experience ‘Impi Yothando’ In Latest Single

Fans have been on edge waiting for a brand-new release from the Blaq Diamond, the wait is over as they release this new single titled ‘Impi Yothando’ which translates to ‘War of love’. It is a Zulu phrase that is used when someone experiences unrequited love and fights for their partner’s affection.

The single is accompanied by stunning visuals which detail a fine line between a toxic relationship and a healthy one.

The video explores the complexities of love as seen from two different relationships, and how to look past someone’s flaws and eventually find love again.

This song and video hit home as it is highly relatable to anyone who has experienced turbulence in their love life. This is an amazing new single is a welcome return as Blaq Diamond set the tone with ‘Impi Yothando’.

This is only the beginning of many more ear-catching tunes, so in the meantime sit back and enjoy the vibes.

Blaq Diamond – Impi Yothando

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