Blxckie Drops Chose Song

If you have a choice, you’ll certainly make it. Right here and now, you have a choice to embrace a song and be liberated from the grip of boredom, or to continue in the bend of the boring.

The song is no other than Blxckie’s  “Chose.” This tune is something to adopt if you care for a good time. Hip hop might be the genre of rendition here, but the song is actually for all – lovers of good music, a good time, entertainment…

might be a new voice in the world of South African hip hop, but he is one voice to take seriously. This much should be evident from his oeuvre so far – works that bear great entertainment and cultural value. The latest is the song in review.

“Chose” is one number you ought to have – and one we actually see you possessing for a long time, too. You gotta embrae this song for an invigorating experience.

Well, how would you rate “Chose” bu Blxckie? Do you see yourself vibing with the number all day? We invite you to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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