Blxckie – sss

Blxckie’s “sss” song is the latest single from his new The4mula album. The4mula was released on October 28, 2020, and “sss” is one of the standout tracks.

“sss” is a haunting, atmospheric track that features Blxckie’s signature dark and brooding production. The song opens with a distorted sample of Blxckie’s ethereal vocals. The4mula is shaping up to be one of the most exciting hip-hop releases of the year, and “sss” is a perfect example of why.

The second verse of “sss” sees the artist switching up his flow, delivering his lyrics with more of a rap delivery. The production also changes, with the beat becoming more uptempo and energetic. This change in pace helps to keep the song interesting and exciting.

Overall,sss is a standout track on The4mula. Blxckie shows off his versatility as an artist, and the song is a perfect example of the different sounds and styles that he is capable of creating. If you‘re a fan of Blxckie, or simply looking for a new R&B/trap/pop song to add to your playlist, then sss is that plug.

Blxckie – sss


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