Boddhi Satva & Mehdi Nassouli Joined Forces On “Ghaita” (Sifa Remix)

Boddhi Satva comes through with an awesome mix titled “Ghaita (Sifa Remix)”

The collaboration by the Moroccan Prodigious musical talent featured the Gnawa culture ambassador Mehdi Nassouli. Mehdi who had mastered the art of playing the Guembri (a three stringed plucked lute) uses the instrument to drive the mix to a level of awesomeness. The mix is an awesome piece for people who are thinking of spending their summer by the pool side or on a beach as the solemn tune takes you on a cloud 9 kind of journey.

Listen to and get the song here.

The mix also sets a mood for lovers to drive them into an intimate mood. Boddhi Satva is a DJ and producer that has created a style of music which people have come to love and appreciate. His blend of mix is bound to keep you captivated from the start to the end. A must listen to.

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