Boity Gets Too Sexy With Riky Rick

South African rapper Boity and her pal Riky Rick are way “Too Sexy” in their latest collaborative tune which you might want to check out.

“Too Sexy,”  part of Boity’s “4436” EP, is, in a sense, an advertisement of self – Boity in all her seductive and musical charms, luring many into her orbit. Fortunately, her charms in no way mirror the Drummer of Cortachy’s, and her orbit is not a place of destruction.

It is a place of renewal, rather, a place where just about any music love can go and experience the liberating. Now, who wouldn’t want to be in such a place? Well, we confirm, not a soul we know.

In her choice of Riky Rick one can only smile. The Cotton Fest rapper couldn’t have been picked by accident. He is fiercely complimentary lyrically and physically. With his generous frame and finely groomed mustache, Riky Rick has long been described as one of South Africa’s most attractive men. Now, isn’t that “Too Sexy”?

Y’all gotta embrace this collaboration for all it’s worth. How would you rate the song? Is it actually too sexy we invite you to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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