Boity Goes Six Plus Four In Rap

Boity gets into some interesting arithmetic in her “Six Plus Four” song which features no guests. The song is part of her recently released “4436” EP.

That body of work houses eight tracks and one bonus track, the songstress debut “Wuz Dat” tune, making a total of nine tracks. Although we are reluctant to count “Six Plus Four” among our favourites in that compilation, it is a track worth hearing anyway.

“Six Plus Four” is intriguing not just in its title but in its lyrics as well. Boity effortlessly creates a memorable number that will resonate with many out there. We don’t count the song a favourite in the rapper’s debut compilation, however.

“Six Plus Four” doesn’t promise magic. But on every other promise it makes, it delivers. Here, if you please, is a song to vibe with not just today but right into the weekend. Wouldn’t you rather make a place for it on your tracklist right now? You’ve got nothing to lose by so doing.

Where would you place Boity’s “Six Plus Four” track on a scale of zero to ten? You might want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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