Bonj Feels It’s “Like A Movie” On New Release

Bonj releases "Like A Movie"

Bonj whips out a brand new tune titled “Like A Movie”.

Music is beautiful,but to find some of the best minds creating it, that is absolutely stunning. With so much amazing music coming through each passing day, it still isn’t hard to figure out the best of the best. Once you hear them, you know you’ve hit the Jackpot.

Singer, Bonj is one name the whole world will soon get to know. It is only a matter of time before she blows up on a global level. At a first glance, the talented musician comes off as shy, but once she handles the microphone, every notion of her changes instantly.

She’s out now with a brand new song which she titles “Like A Movie”. She lets her vocals move on the song, announcing that the stage is hers without even saying those words. This is definitely a song to play a lot this weekend.

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