Boohle Premieres “Tata” Feat. JazziDisciples & Gugu

How has your day been? If you care for some musical brightness, you may want to tag along. Boohle taps the vocal powers of Mzansi group JazziDisciples & Gugu for a new song titled “Tata.”

In case you missed it, about a week back the “Memeza (Original Mix)” singer had told fans to expect her “Izibongo” EP. “Tata” is taken from that compilation.

If you thought “Iyalila” a little bit grim or dark, you would definitely appreciate the light “Tata” brings to the soul. We consider this song one of our favourites in the “Izibongo” EP, and have no qualms asking y’all to check it out.

“Tata” is one of those songs you listen to and find yourself repeating your listening session. It is good, comparable to any quality work the singer has released so far. The appeal of this song is aided in part by the vocal charms of Gugu and JazziDisciples.

JazziDisciples is a two-man abnd comprising producers and DJs who have been in the vanguard of dance/ electronic music in South Africa.

How would you rate this collaborative single from th quartet? Stream Boohle’s “Tata” Ft. JazziDisciples & Gugu below and let us know what you think about the song, in the comments.

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