Boss Nhani – Makwenzeke Album

Famous Gqom hitmaker Boss Nhani has returned to the scene with a new album titled “Makwenzeke.”

We can never get enough of a Gqom jam. Now, imagine having a whole new Gqom album. That’s a dream come true for most. Thanks to Boss Nhani, Mzansi is vibing to one this week.

Last year, the Gqom hitmaker dropped the “Boss Banger” album and gained praise for it. This year. He has dropped two singles. He teamed up with Mr. Thela, Rhass, and Mapressa to release the song “Ekapa.” He also dropped “iSgaxa Sendaba” with DJ Ndista, Rhass, and Mapressa.

He has now released the new “Makwenzeke” album. It houses 11 tracks and features contributions from uBiza Wethu, Rhass, Mapressa, Ndista, Cairo Cpt, uJeje Yibhoza, Sdudla Somshunqo, Mr. Thela, Toolz Umazelaphi, and Static Gqom. Check the project out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this week.

Boss Nhani – Makwenzeke Album


1 MAKWENZEKE (feat. uBiza Wethu, uJeje Yibhoza, Rhass & Mapressa) 5:51
2 NANTSI LENGOMA (feat. Ndista, Mapressa & Sdudla Somshunqo) 6:07
3 IZINJA ZAM (feat. Ndista, Rhass & Mapressa) 6:08
4 SGAXA (feat. Ndista, Rhass & Mapressa) 6:07
5 Istixo 6:06
6 Sing Glory 6:10
7 In the Mood 5:55
8 Festive 6:03
9 IY PILLAR AZIKHONA (feat. Cairo Cpt) 5:36
10 SUDLALA NGOMLILO (feat. Mr Thela) 6:38
11 SEKU WRUFF (feat. Toolz Umazelaphi & Static Gqom) 6:03
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