Botswana’s BanT & Mozambique’s Laylizzy Collaborate For “No Limits”

Since the release of “Band$ Up,” BanT has partnered up with Mozambique’s Laylizzy for his second single of the year, “No Limits.” Set to an uptempo instrumental, BanT and Laylizzy float on the beat speaking on taking life to the very top and regulating a few people in the process.

BanT opens the single with the chorus, featuring wordplay about success in music. He goes on to comment on how he believes others interact with him as a musician and in general. From commentary around others envying someone else’s romantic party, to hurt feelings over not getting into a nightclub, BanT verse is a low-key drag to “small boys.”

Laylizzy goes on to carry the previously mentioned subject matters, this time comparing his home to the ultimate Bassline good times. He adds in a light quip about not entertaining rap beef any more than he may have previously.

No Limits,” is a playful single, reminiscent of soundscapes from our childhoods. Granted some of the lyrics lend themselves to sound like roasts, but that’s the game sometimes.

BanT, originally from Botswana, has recently relocated to South Africa to extend his music career. After having won three Yarona Awards (Botswana’s equivalent to the Metro Awards), BanT has participated and celebrated hip-hop culture in Botswana for over three years. In 2020, he has set his sights on growing his sound and extending it to South Africa while maintaining his track record of international collaboration.

Throughout his music journey, Laylizzy has performed 3 times at the Castle Lite Unlocks at the same stages as Hip Hop giants like Future, Meek Mill and Post Malone. He has also performed in Swaziland’s Hipnotic Festival, at the Mandela Day Concert in Johnnesburg and at the Jameson Connects in Mozambique.

After releasing his first EP in November 2018 Laylizzy is working on his second EP “Back to Basics” that his due to be released in April 2020.

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