Brandon Dhludhlu (Idols SA) Sings Uhambe With Duncan

Idols SA’s Brandon Dhludhlu drops a song titled “Uhambe” in collaboration with Afrotainment artiste Duncan.

It’s the first joint single from the pair. Already we’re thinking the two owe us more collaborative tunes, having shown just how good they are as a team.

“Uhambe” brings together a music veteran and a newbie. Duncan is an oldie in the trenches of Mzansi music, and Brandon Dhludhlu is new blood. You might as well call him a poplar thirsting for sunlight.

At any rate, he has shown, via his collaboration with Duncan, that he is actually a sterling voice in South African music. He has been wow on the Idols SA circuit, where many count him among the top ten – a position we think he deserves.

Well, wouldn’t you rather join Duncan and Brandon Dhludhlu for an “Uhambe” break? Rest assured you’re in for a wonderful time.

By the way, Duncan is in the middle of a collaborative fever is and gearing to release a joint album, which comprises 15 tracks and features several musos, with his pal

You might want to stream Brandon Dhludhlu and Duncan’s joint single below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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