Bravo Le Roux – International Gubevu Album

“Hottest Project featuring some of the best artists in the world,” had hyped his “International Gubevu” album. Although we’re loath to give it the tag of the hottest project in town, we know it contains some hot numbers.

As a title, “International Gubevu” illumines the ambitions of the songster. The project itself was handled by local champs. But that’s by the way. The compilation begins with an eponymous track and ends with “Kudala Ndisiza,” a collaborative work with Slikour

Other artists who made the cut are Tshezii, YoungstaCPT, Maglera Doe Boy, Lxrd, Yanga Chief, Slikour. Shaney, Lyle OG and TT, among others, handled the production.

The release of Bra Le Roux’s album might herald a new era for him. It’s been months since his last drop. The songster last popped on our orbit as a guest, alongside Rhass, and Mr Thela, on Bee Deejay’s “Putted.”

The months may have passed, but the new album indicates has not become music-rusty.

What do you think of Bravo Le Roux’s “International Gubevu” album and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to stream the compilation below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Bravo Le Roux – International Gubevu Album Tracklist Below:

1. Bravo Le Roux – International Gubevu

2. ft Tshezii – Thelekile

3. ft YoungstaCPT – Yabo?!

4. Bravo Le Roux – 7784 Interlude

5. ft Phantom Steeze – Yi Birthday Yam

6. Bravo Le Roux – Umntu Omnyama

7. Bravo Le Roux – Iskhephe

8. Bravo Le Roux ft Maglera Doe Boy & Lxrd Phakzah – Hop Tricks

9.Bravo Le Roux ft Yanga Chief – Amandla

10. Bravo Le Roux – Phezulu

11. Bravo Le Roux ft SiyaMetane – Kudala Ndisiza

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