Bravo Le Roux – Yabo?! Ft. YoungstaCPT

Talented hit maker, Bravo Le Roux is out with a brand new offering titled “Yabo?!” and featuring contributions from SA Hip Hop star, YoungstaCpt.

Mzansi has seen a lot of great songs drop this year. The very acclaimed YoungstaCpt has also contributed to some of them. The talented Hip Hop artist now contributes to this new one by the talented Bravo Le Roux.

Bravo has been up to a lot this year, contributing to various hits in the airwaves. He recently dropped the album “International Gubevu”. The project features contributions from Maglera Doe Boy, Lxrd Phakzah, SiyaMetane, Phantom Steeze, Shezii, and YoungstaCpt.

Since it dropped, the project has been praised for his work on it. Bravo has now released the song “Yabo?!” featuring YoungstaCpt as an official single. They have also released a new music video for the song which features them both. You might want to check out the new video below.

Bravo Le Roux – Yabo?! Ft. YoungstaCPT

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Quotable Lyrics

Kaapstad Benny Blanco / split you open like a Taco / money grow on trees I want green seeds avocados / never sniffin no Pablo / you pariot you iago / futsek msunu wakho / Lemmi paint the picture young Picasso / they be shooting out of the Picanto’s / like the Mariachi Desperado / with the Nelly Kelly my Furtado / a bad sexy demi Miss Levato / muthafuck a Dan Plato / in Bikini Bottom he’d be Plankton / if the snow is falling call me Franklin / hustle money buy my mum a mansion / active in the streets I’m Richard Branson / selling the drugs / repping the slums / intelligent thugs / shedding my blood / for mense we love / I am the bulb and the Shaney’s the plug

Music Video

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