Bruce Melodie Drops Bado Song

What has the Rwandese singer Bruce Melodie (also called Bruce Melody) been up to? Well. The champ goes “Bado” on a new song which has no guests but bears great potency nonetheless.

Although not the finest of the Rwandese yet, “Bado” is actually a grand number and one that should keep you energized all day – assuming you’d take the time to surrender to it.

This is the first song we’ve heard from the songster in a while. Not surprisingly, it bears the energy one has come to expect from the “Katerina” crooner.

Well, if you’re allergic to the boring, you’ve got in “Bado” a song that will reinforce that allergy while leading you into a place of lyrical exuberance – a place to be in. Not bad, we might add.

Wouldn’t you rather join us for a “Bado” break, then. We’re confident you’re going to love every minute of it. In this song you might find liberation – something for the hour. And for those not familiar with his work, “Bado” might serve as a fine intro.

Well, what do you think of Bruce Melodie’s “Bado” song? We invite you to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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