Busta 929 – Enjoyment Ft. Lady Du & Zwesh SA

It is the season of “Enjoyment” for South Africa’s amapiano producer Busta 929, but he isn’t enjoying alone. He invites whoever loves a good time to join him.

Well, “Enjoyment” is nothing other than a collaborative tune with fellow South African Nobantu Vilakazi. It’s free to join if you happen to be an athlete for the good life.

Here, if you please, is one song that’s deserving of its title. Not only does “Enjoyment” create an enjoyable musical experience, but it also gives the listener reasons to look forward to the comfy and the good.

It’s hard to listen to this song and want to vegetate in the mediocre. Nah, you wanna break out from your chains and aspire to the good life.

Fortunately, there’s no why you wouldn’t succeed if you should dedicate yourself to your goal. In a sense then, this song is at once didactic and entertaining.

Busta 929 is determined his fans shouldn’t have a drab moment, and with this song, he has succeeded. He blended so well with Nobantu Vilakazi that the default reaction to their collabo is to ask for more a la Oliver Twist.

Mr. Bumble isn’t yet. So go ahead and have a blast.

Busta 929 – Enjoyment Ft. Lady Du &

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