Busta 929 – Imizwa ft. ChirnanBeatz, MarC & BlackChild

Busta 929 Drops New Amapiano Hit "Imizwa"

The Amapiano Maestro Collaborates with ChirnanBeatz, MarC, and BlackChild

South African Amapiano sensation Busta 929 has released a new track titled “Imizwa,” featuring the talents of ChirnanBeatz, MarC, and BlackChild. This latest release, which is part of the “Love Portion” project, is already creating waves in the music industry with its unique blend of rhythmic beats and captivating melodies.

Busta 929, known for his significant contributions to the Amapiano genre, continues to showcase his musical prowess with “Imizwa.” The song, released on December 29, 2023, is a testament to Busta 929’s ability to evolve and keep his music fresh and relevant. The collaboration with ChirnanBeatz, MarC, and BlackChild adds a diverse range of sounds and styles, making “Imizwa” a standout track in the Amapiano scene.

The song’s release follows a series of successful hits by Busta 929, who has become a household name in South Africa and beyond. His unique style, which seamlessly blends traditional African rhythms with modern electronic music, has earned him a loyal fan base. “Imizwa” is expected to be no different, with early listeners praising its catchy beat and the seamless integration of each artist’s style.

“Imizwa” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of the rich musical heritage of South Africa and the ever-growing popularity of the Amapiano genre. Busta 929’s decision to collaborate with ChirnanBeatz, MarC, and BlackChild highlights his commitment to fostering talent and pushing the boundaries of what Amapiano can be.

As “Imizwa” makes its way into the playlists of Amapiano enthusiasts around the world, it’s clear that Busta 929 has once again struck the right chord. Fans of the genre can look forward to an immersive listening experience that not only entertains but also pays homage to the roots of Amapiano.


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