Busta929 – Sgubhu Se Monate, Vol.2 EP

Piano star Busta 929 is back in the scene with a new project titled “Sgubhu Se Monate, Vol.2,” a follow-up to the first.

We cannot ignore Busta 929’s effort to remain one of the most acclaimed Piano hitmakers on the scene. This year, he dropped the “Sgubhu Se Monate” EP, which was well-received by fans.

The project housed five tracks and featured Djy Vino as its only contributor. They collaborated on three tracks, while Busta 929 rode solo on the rest. The Piano star has also dropped a few entries, including “Vuma” with Stilo Magolide featuring Djy Vino and Msamaria. They did a great job on it.

His new “Sgubhu Se Monate, Vol.2” also houses five tracks. It features contributions from 20ty Soundz, Nation-365, Lolo SA, PCee, Bontle Smith, Nobantu Vilakazi, and Bello. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to playlists of your choice this weekend.

Sgubhu Se Monate, Vol.2 EP


  1. Busta 929 – Isgubhu Saka 92 ft. 20ty Soundz, Nation-365 & Lolo SA
  2. Busta 929 – Uyavala ft. Pcee
  3. Busta 929 – Obitsa Mang ft. Lolo SA & Nation-365
  4. Busta 929 – Money Maker ft. Nobantu Vilakazi, Bontle Smith & 20ty Soundz
  5. 5usta 929 – Jaiva ft. Bello, Nation-365 & Lolo SA

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