C-Blak – From Blak With Love EP

C-Blak Releases New EP "From Blak With Love

End of Year Celebration with House Music Grooves

Renowned house music producer, C-Blak, has released his latest EP, “From Blak With Love,” marking his final release for the year. Available since December 1st, 2023, the EP includes 5 tracks, totaling 35 minutes of music. This release follows the success of his earlier 15-track album “Home Boy,” which was well-received and dominated dancefloors nationwide.

“From Blak With Love,” exclusively distributed by Warner Music Africa, showcases C-Blak’s signature style of delivering top-shelf house grooves. Known for his consistent release of bangers in recent months, the celebrated producer continues his streak with this EP. Fans and music enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipated the release, curious about what fresh soundscapes C-Blak would bring to the table.

The EP is a compilation of carefully crafted tracks that blend rhythmic beats with captivating melodies, further solidifying C-Blak’s position in the house music scene. As the year draws to a close, “From Blak With Love” serves as a fitting finale, encapsulating the producer’s artistic journey and paving the way for more innovative music in the future.


1 Saving Grace (feat. Munsite) C-Blak 7:04
2 Jabula (Fun) C-Blak & Shazmicsoul 6:38
3 Never Break Me (feat. Kuthathu) C-Blak 6:43
4 Reggie C-Blak 7:27
5 Ngibovu (Mad as Hell) C-Blak & SPENK 7:35


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