Caiiro Drops The Cure

South African disc jockey and producer presents “The Cure,” a song that is part of his “Agora” album. That body of work was slated for release 25 September 2020.

announced the project almost a month ago, quietly leading fans to the waters of anticipation. The project isn’t here yet – at least we’re unable to find it on Apple Music and other streaming platforms. But at least fans can savour “The Cure” until further updates.

It’s a pity, though, that Caiiro has said nothing regarding the album since, even when asked a question on Instagram regarding the project. “The Cure” appears as a mollifying number.

“The Cure” isn’t just that in title. The song actually has the potential to cure your boredom – that is, if and only if you should elect to listen to it. It’s a seriously energizing number that you cannot afford to sleep on.

The song is but one of several fine numbers the prolific DJ has released so far in his career. Others that might interest you include “Drummotions” and “Huhudi” – to mention just a few

How would you rate the song? You may want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts.

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