Calvin Fallo Joined Forces With Metsi And Manel For Stimamollo

Calvin Fallo is out with a new jam titled “Stimamollo,” a featuring his pals Liquid Metsi & Manel.

“Stimamollo” is a stimulating jam that not only entertains but educates as well. The song leaves no room for boredom. Who cares to be bored, anyway?

In the world of amapiano music, Calvin Fallo is one voice you just cannot miss. Imagine it as a voice eternally abuzz. Here, one may admit, there’s nothing to provoke a complaint, for the songster is indeed gifted, offering good music, not a riotous cacophony.

“Stimamollo” is Calvin Fallo’s first official single here, but then you probably notice we have treated 10 of his top songs. You may want to add the song in review to the list. Well, why not?

Liquid Metsi & Manel may not have appeared on UbeToo previously, but their performance on the song in review leaves no one in doubt of their musical gifts. You really should be chuffed to hear them sing. Wouldn’t you rather begin your listening session?

The musical chemistry among the troika just cannot be missed. Not at all.

We invite you to listen to “Stimamollo” below and share your thoughts with us, in the comment section.

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