Check Out JAY-Z & The Dream’s Version Of ‘Holy Grail’

JAY-Z and The Dream's version of Holy Grail released

Check out a different version of the hit song “Holy Grail” by JAY-Z and The-Dream.

One cool thing about the music industry is how much everyone’s talent is explored from the songwriter, to the producer and the Vocalist too. Word on the street is Justin Timberlake’s dope verse on JAY-Z’s hit song, “Holy Grail” wasn’t written by him.

In fact, it was written by RnB star, The-Dream. It was actually sung by him, verse laid and all, before JT heard it and opted to be on it. Of course, it became one of the best songs and collabs he has ever appeared on.

Recently, during a songwriter battle with Sean Garrett, The-Dream played the original version of the song and stopped it after a while. According to him, JAY would kill him for doing that.

Funny enough, the song’s studio version has now appeared on TIDAL. You guys should hear it.

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