Chievosky The 13th & Jay Music – Kudala

The talented hitmakers Chievosky The 13th & Jay Music have teamed up to release a new song tagged “Kudala.”

Chievosky The 13th cannot be described as a consistent hitmaker. However, he has gained recognition for making and releasing good music. Two years back, he teamed up with Asser Deep and Echo Deep to release the song “Faka Faka.”

This year, he has released the “Nkwari (Extended Version)” with DazzyLeNigga. Jay Music, on the other hand, has released a number of singles this year. They include “Kinda Famous,” “Bambelela (Vocal Mix)” with Loobub DJ & Smokey, “Woza!”, “Resist” with B-Side & Taren, and “Trip Session.” His releases have all been impressive.

Chievosky The 13th & Jay Music have now teamed up and released the “Kudala.” Together, the two hitmakers did a fantastic job in the song. Check it out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice this week.

Chievosky The 13th & Jay Music – Kudala

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