China Charmeleon Drops Do You Remember (China Charmeleon The Animal Remix)

It isn’t all the time that a DJ elects to his own work. So there’s usually great interest when he does. Well, welcome to the world of China Charmeleon’s “Do You Remember (China Charmeleon The Animal Remix).”

China Charmeleon is one creative soul whose songs delight. The listener gets to experience another delightful moment with his “Do You Remember (China Charmeleon The Animal Remix).”

The titled song may not be the finest of the DJ yet, but it’s something to lap up. Yeah. It bears as much energy as one can expect from a song from a DJ worth the title. If you care for an interesting musical break that leads not at all to the boring, you may want to check out the song this South African DJ and producer has put together.

We love it, and we’re confident you will love it as well. This product is no “China.” Got the drift, yes? Now let’s roll. A world of good vibes is just ahead.

Are you into “Do You Remember (China Charmeleon The Animal Remix)”? how would you rate the song? We invite you to check it out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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