China Charmeleon – Remixes Stay True Sounds Album

The wait is over. And there’s to celebrate.South African disc jockey and producer China Charmeleon has finally released his “Remixes Stay True Sounds” album, which you can stream here on UbeToo Mzansi’s premier music hub.

It’s been a long – in our opinion, you know – wait for this project, with the songster only volunteering when fans should expect it. The project dropped on schedule. No qualms.

The charm of “Remixes” rests in how well China Charmeleon weaves an interesting musical tapestry from the works of others, including his own. To listen to this compilation is to want to listen a second time. For those unfamiliar with the South African producer, this body of work is a motivation to check out his oeuvre.

In the world of remixes, China Charmeleon stands out. This much should be obvious from past projects as well as the one in review.

Well, wouldn’t you rather join us as we traverse the brave new world of China Charmeleon’s creative powers? Best believe you’re gonna love the experience. Come on!

What do you think of China Charmeleon’s New body of work? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Do?

China Charmeleon – Remixes Stay True Sounds Album

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NO Title Artist Time
1 Bossa Over? 5:33
2 Sumthng More (feat. Ziyon) Zito Mowa 5:05
3 Siyobloma (feat. Tahir Jones) 7:06
4 In Love (feat. Sio) 4:43
5 Are You Jazz? beatsbyhand 6:20
6 Sad to Think SculpturedMusic 5:33
7 Soulfully Broken (feat. Sio) Kid Fonque & Jonny Miller 6:53
8 Sometimes Lord China Charmeleon 5:22
9 2 Sides 6:56
10 Now Cornelius SA 5:31
11 Do You Remember China Charmeleon 5:27
12 Life Is Real (feat. Ruby White) Kid Fonque & D-Malice 8:04
13 800 Minutes Sio 5:20
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