Chris Brown Taps Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez & More For “Breezy” Album – Listen

It’s “Breezy” in here, but that’s not a complaint. Here is a new body of work from American singer and dancer Chris Brown.

As a title, “Breezy” brings a lot to mind, from the bucolic to the Edenic and the euphonious in between. You get to have a little of them all in the songs from this body of work.

In all, the compilation bears 24 tracks. If you’re a big fan of Chris Brown, you probably already know he’s a hard-hitter in the arena of lengthy tracklists. So having 24 songs in one album is nothing surprising.

The album begins with a number dub “ed “Till The Wheels Fall” Off” and ends on an “Iffy” note.

To put the project together, Breezy had tapped the vocal resources of Fivio Foreign, Wizkid, Lil Durk, Capella Grey, Lil Wayne, Bryson Tiller, Blxt, and Tory Lanez. Getting these champs together is not something we have a clue about, but Breezy sure did well with his small army.

At a time Drake’s “Honestly, Never Mind” is receiving all the jabs, we doubt “Breezy” will be a victim of similar sallies. Chris Brown has put together a fine body of work that will still resonate many months from now.

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